The Best Part About Fall Weather – Women’s Boots

Boot weather is the best weather! There is something about the chilly crispness that wisps through the air as fall takes full advantage of Mother Nature. It’s one thing to know that fall is coming, but it changes everything the one morning I wake up and step outside and experience a the freshness that comes alive only once a year.

My brain begins to spin with fall-like thoughts, swarming every corner in my mind. But thought number one: Boots. Women’s boots.

Why you should invest in a good women’s boot?

There are a couple of boot styles that I tend to lean towards when think of going shopping and what would go with my wardrobe, or even what new outfit could I create, given a particular style of women’s boots that I can’t stop thinking about.

My favorite style would have to be winter or spring booties. You know, the ones that top out at the ankle and either include some type of fur or suede texture for winter, or are perforated and lacey for spring. To name a couple of brands that knock these styles out of the park, I’d have to go with Johnston & Murphy, for one, or Trask.

The best women’s boots in the market

Both Johnston & Murphy and Trask carry a unique and top trending selection of women’s boots. Looking through their selections during spring and during winter always broadens my taste for different styles. The variety is present, both in style and in color, not to mention comfort! Both companies have done extensive research when it comes to crafting and constructing the comfort systems and looks for their women’s boots. It is truly worth taking a look and trying some out. You won’t be disappointed.

Choosing your women’s boots style

My second favorite style of women’s boots fall into the riding boot category. Now, I have to mention that Johnston & Murphy also has some beautiful options for riding boots. This style of women’s boots can be found all over, though. It is a popular style, that I, quite frankly, use year round, from one year to the next and you can find all these model at It’s especially fun when I have the versatility to either where corduroys and end up getting questions from strangers, even, asking if I ride horses, or I can where jeans or a dress with knee-high socks and go out to dinner. If you find the right pair of women’s boots, they will work for you in more ways than one.

The best part about women’s boots is that they can be paired with pretty much any style of outfit. You just have to find the right style for the occasion – warm weather, cool weather, professional work attire, girl’s outing, etc. – and make it fabulous!

Skechers Shoes: Perfect for everyone

Regardless of your age, there is a pair of Skechers shoes that are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. There are many benefits to wearing Sketchers shoes, including comfort, style, and versatility.

Why Skechers Shoes are good for kids?

When you think of Skechers memory foam shoes, you may first think of a shoe meant for a child. While Skechers makes shoes for all ages, their kid’s shoes are quite famous because of the trendy designs and amount of advertising they produce that is aimed towards children.

Skechers shoes are perfect for kids because they protect the foot from anything that could cause the child harm without being bulky. Since the shoes are not bulky, the child is still able to run and play as they wish. You can also find Sketchers shoes online at Mode Footwear.

In addition to functionality, Skechers for kids always have super fun designs. This allows the child to pick out their favorite color and both the child and parent will be happy. Some Skechers shoes even come with lights that light up when the child takes steps!

The fun design of the shoes can also be helpful if you are attempting to teach your child to tie their shoes. They will look forward to putting these cool shoes on and hopefully be more engaged in the shote-tying process! 

Skechers shoes is the ultimate footwear for adults

Skechers memory foam shoes for adults may seem weird at first. Do you really want to wear the same brand of shoes that your child does? The answer is yes! Skechers for adults pack the same functionality into a bigger shoe! Most Skechers include a memory-foam sole so that your foot is comfortable throughout the day.

If you have a job where you have to be on your feet all day, Skechers are a great shoe choice for you. Your feet will be comfortable all day when you choose to wear your Sketchers!

While you probably won’t find any light-up Skechers for adults, you will find a variety of colors and styles so you are sure to find one that works for your needs. In addition to the typical tennis shoe, Skechers also has a variety of slip-on options that are great for days when you simply do not feel like wearing tennis shoes but still want the utmost comfort.

Availability of the Skechers shoes

The other big perk with Skechers Shoes is that they are available at a variety of retailers, as well as Skechers stores and online! This means that you can go try a pair for yourself right now! What are you waiting for? The shoe of your dreams is waiting! In addition to purchasing a pair for yourself, you can also purchase a pair for your child or children and avoid having to shop all over for shoes!


Help us bring life-changing and life-saving treatments to young women with breast cancer. Your donation to Penn Medicine, in honor of the Kelly Rooney Foundation, will help to fund research, education and awareness programs that will ultimately protect the lives of millions of women.

How To Rock Caterpillar Mens Work Boots

If you’re a fashionable person who also appreciates and values comfort, then you may want to invest in a couple pairs of caterpillar mens work boots. At first glance, you may think that they’re not the most attractive shoes, but with the right outfit you’d be surprise how well they go together. The have recently even become one of the latest trends in fashion this season. Due to their simple style, many celebrities like Malia Obama, Willow Smith, Rihanna, and Kanye West to name a few have been wearing them for all sorts of events. Fashion is all about turning the not so picture perfect items to high fashion staple pieces.

Why Caterpillar Shoes Rocks At Occasion?

For casual events matching Caterpillar mens work boots with a jean ensemble can really have a nice laid back aura. With casual attire, these shoes really work well with sweaters, cardigans, or even overalls. They are more normally worn to casual events, but that does not mean you can’t wear them at a formal or even business event. When it comes to style, there truly are no barrier and real rules you need to worry about. You can wear a dress or even a suit with caterpillar shoes, and you don’t have to even have the color scheme matching. Just make sure that the outfit itself is not too out there, as the statement item should be the shoes. Like you can find shoes online at

A lot of stylists like to add these shoes to loose fitted clothing because it creates a great edge to the overall look. Baggy pants or a top paired with them helps to create a stylish design that doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. Timberlands became super popular in high fashion within the last few years and are now becoming more accessible to the masses. The nice thing about Caterpillar mens work boots for both men and women is that you can add a bit of inches to your height without looking like you’re wearing heels or elevator shoes. Many of these shoes are also now being sold in various colors which gives you more options to explore different styles. 

Benefits Of Owning Caterpillar Shoes 

Overall, caterpillar shoes are comfortable, stylish, and super versatile. Owning a pair or two of caterpillar shoes will make completing outfits a lot less confusing. Whether you have an edgy or classic style, owning these shoes will make any look of yours complete. The nice thing about owning gender neutral fashion items is that they can really make a statement in an outfit without looking too much, and that is certainly the affect caterpillar shoes have. 

Choosing your own Caterpillar mens work boots

The benefits of owning caterpillar shoes are endless, so don’t wait any longer to invest in a good quality pair. Never be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion, because the best outfits are usually created when you put unique pieces together. Whether you’re going out for a drink, a date, or attending a formal event, you can finish your outfit with these shoes and make a stellar impression.


4th Annual Kelly Rooney Cup

4th Annual Kelly Rooney Cup
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2017 Uachtarán Award Recipient

2017 Uachtarán Award Recipient
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3rd Annual KRF Women's Overbrook 9 Holes Event

3rd Annual KRF Women’s Overbrook 9 Holes Event
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3rd Annual Kelly Rooney Cup

3rd Annual Kelly Rooney Cup
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NBC 10 Philadelphia. “Pink the Rink” with Saint Joseph’s Prep.

The Kelly Rooney Foundation thanks St. Joe’s Prep Hockey for again holding its annual “Pink the Rink” event to raise awareness of breast cancer and funds for breast cancer research. Click here for photos!

Rockport Mens Shoes The Ultimate Footwear

Rockport mens shoes is a footwear company based in Newton, Massachusetts. Saul Katz and Bruce Katz; the son, founded this company in Marlborough, Massachusetts in 1971. Crescent Capital Group are the current owners of the company. Dunham, Rockport and Aravon brands and their public collection Cobb Hill, are housed here. Footwear produced in this company is retailed in over 60 countries around the world.

Why Rockport is the best footwear brand?

Rockport mens shoes began from a chain of shoe business operations. Initially, there was Hubbard Shoe Co. in New Hampshire, Rochester that was founded in 1930 by Samuel Katz. Saul Katz, the son of Samuel Katz, took over the business in 1945. Shoe manufacturing in the US gradually moved to low labor cost countries in the making it competitively difficult for US plants since there were cheaper imports. Saul Katz then sought for aid in the Congress and returned quotas were imposed on importing shoes by the Carter administration in 1977. This was quite late for Hubbard Shoe Co. having closed down in 1970. He continued running Highland Import that imported shoes from Brazil and worked to develop special products for American companies of branded shoes. One of the products was a shoe modeled by hand sewing a leather moccasin that was heavy in Rockport by Walter Dyer. The leather was named Rockport by Saul Katz during his visit to Brazil.

Rockport shoes: a trusted brand

A consignment of shoes of 3,000 pairs into Marlboro was late for a Highland’s customer making it stay in the warehouse for several months. Bruce Katz then joined his father, and they began to sell the shoes to shoe boutiques and small shops of leather across East Coast, DC. In the course of this operation, Katz got information that the shoes were being copied and branded “Rockport type.” This made his return to Marlboro and brand the shoes “Rockport.” Rockport Company was then formed from Highland Import in 1971. By the time ownership was changed in 1986, Rockport shoe sales were approaching $100 million profiting yearly from the $15,000 startup capital. You can also find Rockport shoes online.

Buying your first Rockport Mens Shoes

Rockport shoes were initially alternatives to athletic shoes which were the trend then. This resulted in ‘RocSport’ that was a shoe of high technology based on its traditional style incorporated with comfort and lightness of running shoes. Later Rockport shoes introduced walking shoes that have gradually grown and were inducted into Plus Style of Footwear, Fame Hall in 2013. Rockport shoes currently produce quality shoes for both men and women. They have a website with which an interested customer can use to find and compare many types of shoes for the one that they want. Apart from their outlets in different countries, Rockport shoes are also retailed online, e.g., Amazon, where an order is delivered to a customer’s convenience.


The Kelly Rooney Foundation (KRF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was formed to continue Kelly’s pursuit of a generation of women fully empowered with the knowledge and ability to prevent breast cancer. KRF is driven to inspire support, research, and eradication of breast cancer in young women.

Each day we honor Kelly’s legacy by fulfilling her mission to:

  • Fund breast cancer research aimed at finding a cure
  • Support research, education and awareness programs that provide information on risk factors, lifestyle choices and other preventative actions
  • Inspire others to take action to help create a world that is breast cancer free

Since inception in 2006, KRF has raised more than $1 million that has primarily funded two key initiatives:

  1. Raising awareness through
  2. Finding a cure through the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania

Enduring Outcomes

Through partnerships with and The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania, The Kelly Rooney Foundation seeks to be a catalyst for helping create a generation of women who are breast cancer-free. The Kelly Rooney Foundation marked its 10th year anniversary this summer and celebrates hitting in excess of $1 million in its fundraising efforts, granting $250,000 to for education and awareness programs to help young women make healthy lifestyle choices to reduce their risk of getting breast cancer. Another $800,000 was bestowed upon Penn Medicine for genetic research.

Merrell Shoes History

In the early 1980s, Randy Merrell designed custom cowboy boots for industrial use, but later turned his creative passion to recreational outdoor gear and began constructing hiking boots known today as Merrell Shoes. Randy Merrell, along with Olympic athlete Clark Matis and business man John Schweizer, created the Merrell brand, and the trio started selling Merrell shoes in 1983. Word spread like crazy that Merrell hiking boots were amazing, and Backpacking Magazine labeled them “The best hiking boots ever made.” Merrell’s traditional hiking boots are brown with blue laces and fabricated with a fourth inch thick heel, and these boots are known to last at least 10 years.

How are Merrell Shoes today?

In 2018, Merrell shoes remain great for the entire family; they are tailored for men, women, boys, and girls. Additionally, Merrell shoes are fitting for a variety of occasions. Whether people want to hike and explore awesome Mother Nature, or if they are in need of professional, but comfortable shoes for work, Merrell has them covered. Merrell offers hiking shoes and boots, sneakers, running shoes, trail running footwear, trekking shoes, sandals, slip-ons, loafers, and outdoor casual footwear. Find all these models online at Mode Footwear.

Merrell shoes are offered in a variety of styles and colors to suit the needs and wants of athletic and fashionable consumers. Hiking boots for women come in bright colors, earth tones, and standard greys and whites. Because women desire different features in hiking boots, Merrell offers women’s hiking shoes to accommodate agility, stability, support, and comfortability. Merrell specializes in lightweight hiking shoes and waterproof hiking boots for women as well. Merrell provides a wide selection of hiking boots for men that are mostly brown and black, but styles range from rugged and waterproof to comfortable and lightweight.

Merrell Shoes are the definitive shoes to have

Women’s casual shoes from Merrell are made for women on the go. Women wear casual Merrell shoes on a leisurely stroll through the park, a bike ride through the city, or running through town completing daily errands. These casual shoes provide women’s feet with style, support, comfortability, and ventilation. Casual shoes for men from Merrell include sneakers, moccasins, sandals, and chukka boots. These casual shoes provide men with sole support, comfortability, traction, and breathability.

Choosing your Merrell Shoes

Merrell shoes are not only practical, sensible, and high quality shoes, they are also fashionable and stylish. Whether people desire a fun and playful outdoor shoe, a tough hiking boot for climbing rugged terrain, or a casual shoe to wear on an afternoon jog or walk, Merrell provides everything its customers need and want with its variety of shoe designs and styles.