The Best Part About Fall Weather – Women’s Boots

Boot weather is the best weather! There is something about the chilly crispness that wisps through the air as fall takes full advantage of Mother Nature. It’s one thing to know that fall is coming, but it changes everything the one morning I wake up and step outside and experience a the freshness that comes alive only once a year.

My brain begins to spin with fall-like thoughts, swarming every corner in my mind. But thought number one: Boots. Women’s boots.

Why you should invest in a good women’s boot?

There are a couple of boot styles that I tend to lean towards when think of going shopping and what would go with my wardrobe, or even what new outfit could I create, given a particular style of women’s boots that I can’t stop thinking about.

My favorite style would have to be winter or spring booties. You know, the ones that top out at the ankle and either include some type of fur or suede texture for winter, or are perforated and lacey for spring. To name a couple of brands that knock these styles out of the park, I’d have to go with Johnston & Murphy, for one, or Trask.

The best women’s boots in the market

Both Johnston & Murphy and Trask carry a unique and top trending selection of women’s boots. Looking through their selections during spring and during winter always broadens my taste for different styles. The variety is present, both in style and in color, not to mention comfort! Both companies have done extensive research when it comes to crafting and constructing the comfort systems and looks for their women’s boots. It is truly worth taking a look and trying some out. You won’t be disappointed.

Choosing your women’s boots style

My second favorite style of women’s boots fall into the riding boot category. Now, I have to mention that Johnston & Murphy also has some beautiful options for riding boots. This style of women’s boots can be found all over, though. It is a popular style, that I, quite frankly, use year round, from one year to the next and you can find all these model at It’s especially fun when I have the versatility to either where corduroys and end up getting questions from strangers, even, asking if I ride horses, or I can where jeans or a dress with knee-high socks and go out to dinner. If you find the right pair of women’s boots, they will work for you in more ways than one.

The best part about women’s boots is that they can be paired with pretty much any style of outfit. You just have to find the right style for the occasion – warm weather, cool weather, professional work attire, girl’s outing, etc. – and make it fabulous!