Rockport Mens Shoes The Ultimate Footwear

Rockport mens shoes is a footwear company based in Newton, Massachusetts. Saul Katz and Bruce Katz; the son, founded this company in Marlborough, Massachusetts in 1971. Crescent Capital Group are the current owners of the company. Dunham, Rockport and Aravon brands and their public collection Cobb Hill, are housed here. Footwear produced in this company is retailed in over 60 countries around the world.

Why Rockport is the best footwear brand?

Rockport mens shoes began from a chain of shoe business operations. Initially, there was Hubbard Shoe Co. in New Hampshire, Rochester that was founded in 1930 by Samuel Katz. Saul Katz, the son of Samuel Katz, took over the business in 1945. Shoe manufacturing in the US gradually moved to low labor cost countries in the making it competitively difficult for US plants since there were cheaper imports. Saul Katz then sought for aid in the Congress and returned quotas were imposed on importing shoes by the Carter administration in 1977. This was quite late for Hubbard Shoe Co. having closed down in 1970. He continued running Highland Import that imported shoes from Brazil and worked to develop special products for American companies of branded shoes. One of the products was a shoe modeled by hand sewing a leather moccasin that was heavy in Rockport by Walter Dyer. The leather was named Rockport by Saul Katz during his visit to Brazil.

Rockport shoes: a trusted brand

A consignment of shoes of 3,000 pairs into Marlboro was late for a Highland’s customer making it stay in the warehouse for several months. Bruce Katz then joined his father, and they began to sell the shoes to shoe boutiques and small shops of leather across East Coast, DC. In the course of this operation, Katz got information that the shoes were being copied and branded “Rockport type.” This made his return to Marlboro and brand the shoes “Rockport.” Rockport Company was then formed from Highland Import in 1971. By the time ownership was changed in 1986, Rockport shoe sales were approaching $100 million profiting yearly from the $15,000 startup capital. You can also find Rockport shoes online.

Buying your first Rockport Mens Shoes

Rockport shoes were initially alternatives to athletic shoes which were the trend then. This resulted in ‘RocSport’ that was a shoe of high technology based on its traditional style incorporated with comfort and lightness of running shoes. Later Rockport shoes introduced walking shoes that have gradually grown and were inducted into Plus Style of Footwear, Fame Hall in 2013. Rockport shoes currently produce quality shoes for both men and women. They have a website with which an interested customer can use to find and compare many types of shoes for the one that they want. Apart from their outlets in different countries, Rockport shoes are also retailed online, e.g., Amazon, where an order is delivered to a customer’s convenience.